Hitlers Eagles nest, Germany

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Hitlers Eagles nest, Germany
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Hitlers fortress, the Eagles Nest. Also made famous in the movie from 1968 starring Clint Eastwood.
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The Kehlsteinhaus is a chalet-style building, which used to be an extension of the Obersalzberg complex built by the Nazis in the German Alps near Berchtesgaden.

The Kehlsteinhaus, also known as "Hitler's Tea House" or the Eagle's Nest, was built as a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler. The Eagle's Nest was meant to be a retreat for Hitler and a place for him to entertain visiting dignitaries (which he almost never did here). It was commissioned by Martin Bormann, with construction proceeding over a 13-month period prior to its formal presentation to Hitler in 1939. It is situated on a ridge at the top of the Kehlstein mountain (1835 m), reached by a spectacular 6.5 km (3.9 mile) road which cost 30 million Reichsmark to build (ca. 150 million euros). The last 124 metres up to the Kehlsteinhaus are served by an elevator bored inside the mountain, reached via a granite tunnel; the elevator itself is surfaced with polished brass. The surprisingly plain main reception room is dominated by a fireplace of red Italian marble, presented by Mussolini. Much of the furniture (used without the designer's consent) was designed by Paul Laszlo, who had to flee the Holocaust.

Although the site is on the same mountain as the Berghof, Hitler rarely visited the property as he was afraid of heights. Other theories offered were that due to problems with his ears caused by shelling during his World War I service, he suffered migraines and other balance problems whilst at the higher altitude of the Kehlsteinhaus. It has been suggested he only visited the Kehlsteinhaus around 10 times, and most times for no more than 30 minutes. It was perhaps because of this lack of close association with Hitler, the property was saved from demolition at the end of the war. It was subsequently used by the Allies as a military command post until 1960, when it was handed back to the State of Bavaria.

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