Homes of celebrities

If you get really famous, you normally get to be stinkin rich as well. With that much money you can build houses that are easily visible from space. Like Michael Jacksons Neverland or Elvis Presleys Graceland.

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan's House, Belleair, FL (grade 3.65 of 5)
SchumacherSchumacher's island, Dubai (grade 3.42 of 5)
Home of John TravoltaHome of John Travolta, Florida (grade 3.72 of 5)
Madonnas houseMadonnas house, Miami (grade 3.25 of 5)
Home of Bill GatesHome of Bill Gates, Washington (grade 3.42 of 5)
Home of Ozzy OsbourneHome of Ozzy Osbourne, Beverly Hills (grade 2.83 of 5)
GracelandGraceland, Tennessee (grade 3.60 of 5)
Neverland ranchNeverland ranch, California (grade 3.92 of 5)

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