How does this work?

This website is not only a website full of nice aerial photos. Google Earth Cool Places is integrated with the Google Earth software. When you click on the Blue Globe this will open up the placemark in GoogleEarth. You can also surf for your own cool places and upload them to the site.

The symbols

Blue Globe
This will open up GoogleEarth, locate the placemark, and zoom it in. All within the GoogleEarth software.
This will lead you to a completely random placemark in the database
This will give you a picture, if available, of the place from a frog's view
This will send you to Wikipedia for an article, if available, related to the placemark
This will lead you to a website, if available, related to the placemark

What is Google Earth then?

Google Earth is a software you install on your PC or Mac and it contains aerial and satellite photos of pretty much everywhere on earth. You can zoom in to a detail level that is extremely high sometimes. Basically, this allows you to see every place in the world from a bird's eye view...and this is truly amazing!

Now, what do I need to get started?

You can either surf around the website glance at all the aerial photos but you will have ten times more fun if you download Google Earth and start clicking the placemark links on this website (the blue globe, i.e. the Google Earth icon).

How do I go from a cool placemark here to that same place in Google Earth?

When you click a placemark link (file ending with .kmz, represented here with the blue globe icon) you may get a pop-up window from your browser asking you if you want to Save the file or Open it. Make sure Google Earth is selected in the scroll-down list (it will be if it is installed), and then choose Open. When you do this, your Google Earth software will start and you will be zoomed in that very place. Now you can check this place out more in detail and from other

I still don't get it!

Send me a note and I will help you! If you want an answer, please provide your e-mail address.

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