Suggest a place - Step 1 of 3

NOTE: The suggestion does not work (and hasn't been for some time). So, right now it is not possible to give new suggestions to the site.

Please submit your favorite cool place you have found with Google Earth! Follow three steps to submit the cool place you have found.

1. Save a cool place by choosing File/Save in the Google earth program. Make sure the correct placemark is marked and greyed in the menu on your left hand side. Save it with the following naming convention:

  • only small letters
  • use _ instead of blanks
  • I.e. "this_cool_place_i_found.kmz"

2. Double-check the placemark so it really shows what you want it to show. It is very easy to save a wrong site for some reason!

3. Take a picture of it (File/Save image) at a distance you find suitable (please, leave out the little yellow pin). Save it with exactly the same name as the placemark (i.e. "this_cool_place_i_found.jpg").