Tall buildings

The taller the building is, the closer to the camera it gets. This sometimes leads to really high resolution of these buildings which are the highest ones in the world. There is a huge controversy about which building is the tallest in the world and what on a building that should be counted and not counted (read more about tall buildings on Wikipedia). One thing we can all agree on is that tall buildings tend to look really, really nice. Both in real life and on Google Earth.

VRT Broadcast TowerVRT Broadcast Tower, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (grade 3.22 of 5)
Taipei 101Taipei 101, Taipei (grade 3.52 of 5)
Sears towerSears tower, Chicago (grade 4.10 of 5)
Petrona TowersPetrona Towers, Kuala Lumpur (grade 3.83 of 5)
CN TowerCN Tower, Toronto (grade 4.06 of 5)

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