If you want to exchange links and become a link friend with Google Earth Cool Places, please put a link to on your website and send me an e-mail to with:

  1. URL of your website
  2. Name you want to have on your website (i.e. Chinmen - a fun and stupid website)
  3. URL of the website where the GE cool places link is

Information related and high PR websites will be prioritized.

Google Earth related:
Google Maps - maps and a version of Google Earth on the web
FlashEarth - a really nice satellite imagery application on the web
Googles - A cute flight simulator that allows you to fly above Google Earth
Google Earth blog - A German GE site - A Belgian GE site
Google Earth Hacks - another GE site - a basic and nice GE site
Google Sightseeing - a well made site with lots of extra info about GE
Google Earth with - Google maps images and placemarks
Globezoom - a German Google Earth website

Other sites:
Mazeplay - a company specialized in creating corn mazes
Blogspot - a blogsite with interesting links